Our goal is to implement the projects destined to become a unique and unmistakable space, that can evoke emotions. Our secret is love and passion for our work...


We have preserved over time the 'artisan accuracy of the work performed with the mastery and precision of our technicians, using the most modern equipment. We are able to perform entirely all production steps, from the search for raw materials, to the realization of the furnishings. The production cycle is completed in the processing stages: wood, iron, textiles and lighting.


We are always looking for new solutions, materials and technologies. The aim is to define high quality standards projects, always following a high level of manufacturing, for a quality that lasts.

Guarantee andtrust

We offer a pool of experts able to study and provide solutions for every type of request, based on a detailed analysis and a detailed research the company addresses all aspects of the design : from the architecture of the space to the design of the furnishings and the choice of fabrics and complements.

About Us

Not just a furniture store, but a place where the tastes and desires are materialized through customized projects, to which you can rely on great skill.

Browse the pages to discover the details of the furnishings, as well as the perfect harmony of shapes and colors.

Our Customers Say

Ho trovato subito ciò che cercavo e senza perdere tempo, con l'aiuto di personale esperto.

Mariangela Lonato del Garda

Con la soluzione "su misura" ho ottimizzato la disposizione dell'arredo, guadagnando spazio per me e la mia famiglia.

Matteo Brescia

Siamo passati per caso da Gieffe Arredamenti quando abbiamo comprato casa, l' impatto è stato subito positivo, ci hanno dato ottime idee per sfruttare al meglio, il poco spazio che avevamo.

Annamaria Desenzano del Garda

Abbiamo realizzato l' arredo completo di casa perché il servizio trovato e la professionalità sono state eccellenti.

Arianna Cremona

Molto puntuali per i tempi di consegna e professionali, ci hanno consigliato al meglio.

Davide Brescia



The perfect combination of beauty and functionality.



Living area
Relax in the living room of your dreams.


Rest is essential to our health, do it in a charming place.


A personal touch for a pleasant awakening.


Office area
A nice place to work.

Altri Progetti

Other Projects
Windows, doors and other work.